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Key Lessons

  • Skills

    The practical skills on how to launch your YouTube Channel from the ground UP!

  • Tips

    Key tips on how to grow your channel, build your community, increase your views, and watch time.

  • Mistakes

    Mistakes to avoid when trying to MONETIZE your channel, and insight on additional ways to be monetized without relying on Google Ads.


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Instructor Bio:

My name is Dean Samuels, and over the last 5 years I’ve become a serial business owner with experience in launching start-up companies from the ground up. One thing that truly motivates me is seeing others win in life while striving to become the best version of themselves. I want to help you do the same! With proven techniques based on real-life experiences and repeated success, my clients are given practical skills to maintain long-term sustainable success as they forge a path towards purpose and clarity. Are you ready to take a chance and bet on yourself? You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so why not take a leap into success with me? Let me help you manifest the life you’ve always wanted to live but might have been fearful of committing to. Let’s go all in, together!

Social Proof: Testimonials

“Honestly before I came into contact with Dean, I was really struggling to grow my YouTube channel. I had mastered social media to a point on my Instagram and Facebook accounts with 10k plus followers but for some reason I couldn't translate that traffic to my YouTube channel. Dean gave me an audit, he looked at my page and told me what to do. He literally dropped GOLD nuggets on me and since then, I've been able to monetize my YouTube channel and now I'm at over 2k subscribers and climbing daily. So if you're really looking to grow your YouTube channel, Dean is your guy, he's the one for the job!”

Jennifer Lewin

“Where do I start! The delivery, the content, the relevancy! This YouTube Master class is just what I needed in this season of my life. Dean’s instructions are clear and his 1-on-1 coaching sessions are invaluable. What I appreciate most is how he helped me to focus on fulfilling my purpose while eliminating fear. By taking this course I feel like I have gained enough knowledge to be able to launch confidently into the next stage of my business, and as such, I recommend it to anyone else who needs the extra push. This is definitely a 5-star class and I can’t wait to see what FTGUA has in store for us next!”

Kimberly Nunes

“I’ll be honest... I was a bit skeptical in signing up for this class! I’d spent a few days going back and forth about what I thought was a practical investment for my future self and had somehow managed to talk myself out of it until one day I said, “what did I have to lose?” Turns out, nothing! This class wasnt anything I was expecting... it was ten times better! While I learned applicable YouTube tips (which were extremely helpful), I also left with invaluable LIFE lessons that has motivated me to discover my passion and live out my purpose ON purpose. Thank you Dean!”

Ritchea Hodge

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Course Curriculum

  • 01


    • YouTube Master Class - INTRO

  • 02

    Phase 1

    • The Right Mindset Pt.1

    • The Right Mindset Pt.2

    • Phase 1 Overview (9 TIPS)

    • Phase 1 Quiz

  • 03

    Phase 2

    • Phase 2 - The Groundwork

    • Phase 2 Quiz

    • Ratings

  • 04

    Phase 3

    • 1. It's In The Details Pt.1

    • 2. It's In The Details Pt.2

    • Phase 3 Quiz

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